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  • Sheri_s.k


    Cybersecurity Proffessional with experience all sorts of security. Working as IR and soc automation engineer

  • Craig Hays

    Craig Hays

    Aspiring writer, Cybersecurity Architect, Bug Bounty Hunter, Musician, Movie Producer, Failed Skydiver. https://craighays.com

  • Ricardo Iramar dos Santos

    Ricardo Iramar dos Santos

    Alguém a procura de autoconhecimento constantemente.

  • Alaa Abdulridha

    Alaa Abdulridha

    Cybersecurity Engineer and #OSWE certified

  • Vuk Ivanovic

    Vuk Ivanovic

    IT Security and bug bounty hunting, also collecting knowledge especially anything with word quantum. Also fiction writer: https://tinyurl.com/et2mva7r

  • Divyanshu Shukla

    Divyanshu Shukla

    Sr. Security Engineer | DevSecops | Cloud Security | Linux Administrator | Threat Hunter

  • Avanish Pathak

    Avanish Pathak

    Cobalt Core Pentester @Cobalt_io | Synack Red Team member @Synack | Bug Bounty @Bugcrowd | Acknowledged by Google, Microsoft, Apple, and 50+

  • Nishith K

    Nishith K

    Security Enthusiast | Keen Learner | Breaking stuff to learn | Occasional bounty hunter | Twitter: @busk3r

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